How to be a witch without stealing from other peoples cultures.

Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash

It was then I realized I was addicted.

Art made by me — Are You In?

2017 Tax Cuts alone costed us more money than it would take to house every single homeless American for the next twenty years.

Universal Housing

Housing is a human right — it should not be treated as a commercial product. We need to abolish landlords.

Abolish Landlords

Easy ways to make money from home online for a flexible full-time income or just extra pocket change!

easy online gigs — by me

The stateless territory lasted from 1918–1921, situated in the southeastern region of Ukraine.

Flag described by Viktor Belash, Chief of Staff of the Revolution Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine

Biased and misinformed surveys by Hillsdale College show how statistical errors, political bias, and conspiracy theories are dictating some schools academics

Viral Pandemic, Failing Healthcare, Corporate Bailouts — Its More Important than Ever to be an Anti-Capitalist

The Coronavirus is exposing the weaknesses of the private healthcare system.

Daniel Gil De Lamadrid

Poet, Mystic, and Austinite - sharing my thoughts and insight | Economics Major | Insta: xenoic

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