Capitalists are playing the victim card again

Plastered over the windows of fast-food restaurants across the U.S. are sloppily taped printer-paper signs begging for hirees to work for low wages, claiming that “No one wants to work anymore”.

“No one wants to work anymore” is the new “All my exes are crazy”.

While it’s common sense that the latter statement is a major red flag in seeking a partner, the former statement is a red flag too. If your date can’t seem to admit that they’re the problem in their relationships, then bosses hiring for $11 an hour during a pandemic clearly can’t either.

If you’re hiring…

How to be a witch without stealing from other peoples cultures.

Photo by Karly Jones on Unsplash

Modern witchcraft often resembles various pieces of different cultures bubbling abound a churning pot — ingredients ranging from Indigenous White Sage and Palo Santo, to Afrikan Voodoo Dolls and the Chakras of Hinduism.

Using white sage and balancing your chakras can be done in a respectful, appreciative way without becoming appropriation.

While the appropriation by white people of oppressed cultures in the fashion sphere tends to be quickly criticized — resulting in massive cancel campaigns against celebrities and companies, cultural appropriation of practices, many of which were only recently legally allowed, is often overlooked in the witchcraft community — even…

It was then I realized I was addicted.

Art made by me — Are You In?

With nearly 4k followers, I had one of the highest follower counts of anyone in my high school (After Conan Gray graduated, the playing field became a little more reasonable).

Since 2012, when I created the account, it had taken the form of fan accounts (Florence + The Machine & Lana Del Rey), a spam account, and a main account in which I posted pictures of me and my friends, my activism, and my poetry.

Over the course of the accounts life, followers of different niches were picked up and gradually became dormant as the niche changed. By the end…

2017 Tax Cuts alone costed us more money than it would take to house every single homeless American for the next twenty years.

Universal Housing

According to the Congressional Budget Office analysis of the 2017 Tax Cuts, the plan will end up costing us roughly $2 Trillion in the next 10 years. The cost is too high for the tax cuts to pay for themselves, and the deficit will continue to grow.

With $700 Billion lost in growth and savings, and trillions gone over the next decade, the Tax Cuts pushed and passed by the Republican Senate has lost us more money than it would take to house every homeless American in a new home, paid for through the next two decades. …

Housing is a human right — it should not be treated as a commercial product. We need to abolish landlords.

Abolish Landlords

Landlords enforce artificial scarcity on a basic human need, and exacerbate gentrification through buying and selling properties.

Leftism, at its foundation, is not anti-capitalist. Leftism is about compassion and what’s ethical. Because capitalism is uncompassionate and unethical, leftism is anti-capitalist. The incessant experiences of living in an economic system which exploits every facet of our lives is enough to brainwash us into forgetting to question the reality of our systems. People are conditioned to side with the economy over morality.

Most people are well aware of the state of the housing market, but fail to question why we even have…

Easy ways to make money from home online for a flexible full-time income or just extra pocket change!

easy online gigs — by me

Online gigs have surged in popularity since the beginning of the pandemic, as jobs become harder to get and retain, and money is having to be stretched thinner to make ends meet.

The appeal of flexible hours is one of the biggest for online freelance work, especially for college students, parents, and people busy with other jobs. It’s always a great feeling to be able to set your own hours and work as much — or as little — as you’d like.

Amidst prolonged wage stagnation, rising costs of living and education, the lack of help from the government during…

The stateless territory lasted from 1918–1921, situated in the southeastern region of Ukraine.

Flag described by Viktor Belash, Chief of Staff of the Revolution Insurrectionary Army of Ukraine

The onset of the 20th century experienced an eruption of political discourse, developing pathways for an incredible variation of movements, ideologies, and societal experiments. While many led to great humanistic achievements, such as feminism achieving women's suffrage, others evolved into some of the most devastating conflicts in modern history.

Among the ideologies was anarcho-communism:

A stateless society with a commonly owned economy.

Although borrowing from Marxism concerning economics, the approach to how the government should operate, or rather, how little government there should be, splits the two apart. …

I’ve always been amorous of film photography since I was a young teen. Angst lathered photos of film tumblr to images of the nineties, Woodstock, and the instant moments of life before digital cameras. The modern version gives everyone the ability to take as many pics as we want and pick the one that looks best.

Digital cameras give us endless film to escape the endless judgement from the online world because the online world expects perfection. That’s what I’ve always liked about film; it’s perfectly real. The disposable camera lets you live in the moment — and revisit those…

Biased and misinformed surveys by Hillsdale College show how statistical errors, political bias, and conspiracy theories are dictating some schools academics

Daniel Gil De Lamadrid

Poet, Mystic, and Austinite - sharing my thoughts and insight | Economics Major | Insta: xenoic

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